An afternoon at The Hermitage


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Recently I spent an afternoon at The Hermitage in Perthshire… supposedly I had visited there with my family as a child but those memories appear to be long gone so it was full of nice surprises. It’s an awesome location filled with some of the largest trees in the UK, lots of little bits to explore and some fantastic water. The image above is taken from a funky old structure which has recently been refurbished and is worth its own post sometime. I spent quite a while there, firstly for this image but also watching the salmon trying to leap up the falls.


There were loads of them and it was fascinating to watch, they were giving it their all…well apart from that one which got it spectacularly wrong. Poor Barrington (yes, I named him Barrington…seems like a good name for a Salmon) decided to try from a distance and never even made it to the base of the falls as you will see in the video below.  It also starts with a little preview of a setup for an upcoming image, enjoy!

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