Beware, Dragons…



About a month ago I jumped on a train into the centre of Edinburgh and went for a wander. Why then? It was the start of the world’s largest festival of the arts… well, it’s really several festivals but they all sit under one banner and add together. There’s film, theatre, music, dance, opera, hand drawn art, stand up comedy and more… then The Fringe. 50,000+ performances which are a mix of free and paid for.

Essentially for the month of August the entire city centre turns into a performance zone. Hundreds of buildings convert into venues artists of all sorts take to the streets and &^%&%ing chaos ensues… artistic &^%&%ing chaos, but chaos all the same.

The main hub for The Fringe is in the street which runs up to the castle (The Royal Mile) and on it, changing by the hour, are various performers. Some showing their full act, others doing small segments to advertise their main show. You can walk up and down this area all day and never see the same thing twice… but beware, you may even encounter a Dragon…

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