Strange Coincidences in Scotland

Greetings from Scotland! This is gonna be a long one… I’d suggest grabbing a coffee or six… but it should be worth the caffeine crash you’ll get later! Adventures in Bokeh and Flare This story begins many, many years ago, but let’s start a couple of weeks back. Those of you who watch The Creation […]

Playing with the dual camera/lens LG G5…

A few weeks ago LG launched their new high end Android smartphone, the G5. Those who look through the specs will find it compares fairly well with the latest and greatest from the likes of Samsung and Apple… 4G, 5.3 inch IPS screen, Android 6 (Marshmallow), four cores, 32GB of Storage, 4GB ram, SD card slot, […]

Finding Something Different

Travelling around as a landscape photographer it is pretty easy to find locations which offer an obvious image to capture. Occasionally you might find a place with a couple of options but it is quite rare to find a location where every way you turn there is something awesome to capture. The centre of Stirling […]

Dunnottar Castle Between The Storms

What’s that you say? It’s been well over a month since I last posted? Oops! Shhh, if you’re quiet maybe no-one will notice and i’ll make a post about Dunnottar Castle like nothing has happened. I think we can get away with it… What have I been up to recently? Got sick, got well, did Christmas, […]

Sleepy San Francisco

Back in September I was in San Francisco for a long weekend, partly to meet up with some friends from the great photography education initiative that is The Arcanum and partly for the final photowalk in Trey Ratcliff’s epic journey across America. On my first night, after a long days worth of travel from the […]

Leica Summar 5cm/f2 (1937 – 50mm) Lens Experience

Over the past few months I’ve been having a lot of fun with older lenses. Using them on the Sony A7 range is a breeze thanks to focus peaking and one of my favourites has been the Ernst Leitz Wetzlar (Leica) Summar, a 5cm (50mm) F2 lens built on the L39 screw mount. So I […]

Having a Play

Sometimes we can be too serious in our photography… take me for example. Last week I stood on a rock in the middle of a forest for over an hour. I guess it was determination to get the shot I wanted in camera, rather than create it in post. Looking back though, it was a […]

Deep Fried Mars Bars?

Back in August when I was walking round The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh I took some time to get in touch with my inner Thomas Hawk and grabbed some shots of interesting signs. (If you dont follow Thomas Hawk you should… a constant stream of interesting images from his travels around America.). This particular sign […]

An afternoon at The Hermitage

Recently I spent an afternoon at The Hermitage in Perthshire… supposedly I had visited there with my family as a child but those memories appear to be long gone so it was full of nice surprises. It’s an awesome location filled with some of the largest trees in the UK, lots of little bits to […]