Google’s New Chromecast – How To Add Your Own Backdrops

For those of you who don’t know, in my other life I write about technology. One of my tasks this week was to have a play with Google’s New Chromecast and overall it was a fun experience. I’d used the original and found it to be a handy device for sharing content on my smartphone […]

Hey Autumn, how you doing?

In the UK we have had an odd weather year and in Scotland it has been all over the place. There was about a week of summer in June and then another crossing the last week of September into October. It wasn’t hot as such but it was pleasant. As that very short second summer […]

Do You Trust Internet Directions?

I always like to have a rough plan for my photography trips. Have a basic idea of a route, know some key places to try and stop at  On this particular day I was up in Glencoe for a sunrise that fizzled out, though still managed some cool shots. Then it was a loop round to […]

View From The Top (San Francisco)

I’m not long back from a weekend in San Francisco, a weekend that I will no doubt blog about in the future. For now, the short version is that it was packed with great times with friends from The Arcanum, very little sleep and a cool photowalk with the awesome Trey Ratcliff. After returning to […]

Strange Coincidences

This is gonna be a long one… I’d suggest grabbing a coffee or six… but it should be worth the caffeine crash you’ll get later. Adventures in Bokeh and Flare This story begins many, many years ago, but let’s start a couple of weeks back. Those of you who watch The Creation Wars (search for […]

Watt’s This Place?

Just to the side of this building, a hop, skip and jump across a foot bridge, is the location of Antonine’s Wall. One of two that stretch across the UK, used by the Romans to keep us Scottish people at arms length (around 140 AD). That makes this one of those interesting spots where important […]

Coins Not Accepted Here…

After a few busy days on holiday I decided to give my wife some peace, quiet, rest and relaxation by taking the kids out on a drive to explore for a while. We ended up at the beach having fun in the sun but before that the weather was much more “moody”… or cold and […]

Beware, Dragons…

About a month ago I jumped on a train into the centre of Edinburgh and went for a wander. Why then? It was the start of the world’s largest festival of the arts… well, it’s really several festivals but they all sit under one banner and add together. There’s film, theatre, music, dance, opera, hand drawn […]

I don’t selfie often, but when I do…

The image above is quite simple but it took much longer than I expected to execute. Essentially it’s me, on top of a hill in Stirling, taking a selfie… however the photographer in me wanted to push it that little bit further. Sunset, in fact the right type of sunset, winter so the tree’s were […]