Blowing Away The Winter Photography Cobwebs



The majority of the images you will see on this blog are landscape or street based, it’s primarily what I do however for a bit of a challenge I like to dabble in sport photography too. So after a fairly quiet winter it was nice that as part of something I was completing for a level at The Arcanum I had reason to go find an event and capture a few images.

I’ve photographed professional football, rugby and more before… even a bit of Shinty. So was looking for something a bit different to those. Basketball was my first choice but things were not working out on that front and so I went searching online, finding a sport I was unfamiliar with, “Cyclocross” had an event in a nearby town.

A bit of research told me it was a mix of running, obstacles and off road cycling. Sounds ideal for winter in Scotland!

How was it for photography? Pretty fun. A bit more challenging as far as finding the right shots than track cycling which i’d done in the Velodrome but also a bit easier to get a bit of character in them too. Below are a selection from the main race at Dig in at the Dock 2016.


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