Watt’s This Place?

Just to the side of this building, a hop, skip and jump across a foot bridge, is the location of Antonine’s Wall. One of two that stretch across the UK, used by the Romans to keep us Scottish people at arms length (around 140 AD). That makes this one of those interesting spots where important […]

Coins Not Accepted Here…

After a few busy days on holiday I decided to give my wife some peace, quiet, rest and relaxation by taking the kids out on a drive to explore for a while. We ended up at the beach having fun in the sun but before that the weather was much more “moody”… or cold and […]

I don’t selfie often, but when I do…

The image above is quite simple but it took much longer than I expected to execute. Essentially it’s me, on top of a hill in Stirling, taking a selfie… however the photographer in me wanted to push it that little bit further. Sunset, in fact the right type of sunset, winter so the tree’s were […]

Racing Against Time

The image above is all about taking chances… Over time I have learned that many of the best images come into being because I take chances…and some of the worst photography regrets occur because of not making an effort. More on that another day. In this particular case I was up north (in Scotland) and […]

Looking For Something Different

This is one of the most photographed mountains in Scotland and so it’s always a challenge to find a way of making it a little different to the thousands of other images out there. Most go for the inclusion of the fairly large burn and cool tree which is way over to the left of […]

Things Take Time

Back in November/December I took two trips to Skye for photography purposes. Near the end of trip 2, as I was chasing sunset at a particular location, I looked back the way I had come (towards Uig) from and saw what I thought was a decent view. I pulled over, set up quickly, captured a set […]

Cold Feet

The shot above was taken and then processed on a day which was all about goals… defining them and helping others work on theirs… always awesome fun. My goal for this image was simple, to capture the stillness of the pool with the power of the river… textures and layers were an added bonus. What really stands out to […]


Almost hidden away to the right (and a bit in front) of the railway bridge in this image is a little house… in many ways it seems like a great place to live. Lovely scenery, not too far from civilisation (1.5hrs from Glasgow), a great fish and chip shop 10mins away… everything you need really. […]

Dear Deer

I have a troubled relationship with deer… there are the times i’m driving at 3am in the middle of nowhere, in the pitch black, and one will jump out in front of the car. At that moment, and there have been many, I have an extreme dislike for them. (Thankfully i’ve never hit one… despite […]