Channeling Albert


One December on the Isle of Skye…

A couple of months ago I watched a short documentary on ALBERT WATSON which made me stop and think about how I approach landscape photography. He is probably best known for his images which have featured on the cover of Vogue, Rolling Stone etc but this particular documentary was on a landscape project and how he approached it and worked through one of the days shooting. The one thing that stood out for me, in what was a very interesting show, was how many of the final images shown were very subtle in their appearance. They found an exceptional balance between detail and low (but not under) exposure.

Very much a change from the normal bright/colourful landscapes we see flying through out Facebook, G+, 500px, Twitter feeds every day.

I was inspired by this style of image to start playing about my own and was reasonably happy. Fast forward to recently and as part of a challenge in The Arcanum I was to perform a similar task…this is one of the end results.