Creeped Out


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The little church shown in the image above can be found hidden away in one of the most scenic parts of Scotland. It is a lovely area and the church is surrounded by some interesting gravestones, a number of which are so old they can barely be read. Just along the river is a second¬†cemetery which I find hugely interesting and i’ll post about it another day but the focus of this post is the pool in front of the church.

This pool in the river appears to be man made, the river flowing from right to left, then down into the Loch and out to sea. Just out of the frame there is a ledge which creates the pool and from the side the water gets deep, pretty quick. Its also quite a dark water, coloured by the type of land it runs through. I assume it’s these aspects combined with the fact there are graves on the other side which creeped me out when I was a kid, fishing years ago.

Now I can appreciate the scene more, though there is always that uneasy feeling that something could be lurking in the deep…

Here’s a little vlog I took when at the location for use in The Arcanum.

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