Deep Fried Mars Bars?


MMMMMmmmmmmm tasty…

Back in August when I was walking round The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh I took some time to get in touch with my inner Thomas Hawk and grabbed some shots of interesting signs. (If you dont follow Thomas Hawk you should… a constant stream of interesting images from his travels around America.).

This particular sign was, if I remember correctly, in the window of a fast food place (we call them fish and chip shops, or Chippy) on The Royal Mile. So now you know exactly where to head to get your batter covered, cooked in fat, chocolate. Everyone needs a bit of that, right?

Every time I hear about Deep Fried Mars Bars it reminds me of being a teenager and spending an evening with my friends Gregg and Gav, deep frying all the different types of sweets we could get our hands on. Including, if my memory serves me, Opal Fruits (now called Starburst) and Maltesers. I can only imagine the state Greggs parents fryer was in when they got home that night!

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