Do You Trust Internet Directions?

Cairngorm Tree

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I always like to have a rough plan for my photography trips. Have a basic idea of a route, know some key places to try and stop at  On this particular day I was up in Glencoe for a sunrise that fizzled out, though still managed some cool shots. Then it was a loop round to the north and then over to the Cairngorms where I intended to visit the Fairy Loch for the first time.

Reading about the walk to the loch it all seemed so easy, a fairly short hike and then back. But the internet lies (who knew!), the path went on FOREVER, and there was zero internet signal to be able to check my progress or if I was on the right trail. What I expected to be a 30 minute or so walk ended up being closer to an hour and I very much lacked the appropriate amount of food and drink for the round trip on a fairly humid day.

I did however find the above tree out in the middle of nowhere. Although the angle and lens I have used here would normally cause the edge items to lean in, I do remember thinking that the tree’s around this main one were naturally leaning anyway. It was rather odd and mysterious.

I’ll head back there one day, when there are better conditions for photography as it’s a really cool little loch with bright green water. For now I’ll leave you with my final recollection of that area… A lovely refreshing feeling as I stood beside the car when back in signal range making a call. After a few hours walking the cool breeze on my fairly wet t-shirt was awesome.

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