Dunnottar Castle Between The Storms



What’s that you say? It’s been well over a month since I last posted? Oops! Shhh, if you’re quiet maybe no-one will notice and i’ll make a post about Dunnottar Castle like nothing has happened. I think we can get away with it…

What have I been up to recently? Got sick, got well, did Christmas, levelled up in The Arcanum, learned some new Photoshop skills, got a puppy, invested in some additional vintage lenses and completed a bunch of boring day to day stuff… oh, and I fought a Kelpie but thats an image for another day. Today’s image is from the east coast of Scotland, at Dunnottar Castle. We have a lot of castles here and a fair number of them are on the coast. Few are clifftop like this though and there are a bunch of great vantage points around it with easy access. They have even moved with the times as a sign about drone use is one of the items which greets you on your approach to the castle.

On this particular day the weather wasn’t great but it calmed down for a short period, creating a nice atmospheric sky rather than something more bland. This, mixed with the birds which appear to nest here meant it was screaming out at me for a black and white treatment. This image is actually a few shots turned into a panorama and then cropped for that more cinematic look.

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