Finding Something Different

Wallace Monument

Wallace Monument, Stirling

Travelling around as a landscape photographer it is pretty easy to find locations which offer an obvious image to capture. Occasionally you might find a place with a couple of options but it is quite rare to find a location where every way you turn there is something awesome to capture. The centre of Stirling is one of those rare places.

A mix of buildings that are hundreds of years old, a historic graveyard, views across a large part of central Scotland, a great viewpoint for the Wallace Monument and of course the castle. The problem is, its also one of those locations that has been photographed to death. So the challenge is to find a way to stand out from the crowd, to give viewers something they might not have seen before. One of my attempts at this is the image I use as a header on all of my social media. I haven’t seen anyone else standing on the hilltop, kilted, with sword in hand during the middle of winter…so I think we can call that a success.

The image above is another¬†attempt to think a little differently and evolved from a challenge I was doing as part of The Arcanum. It’s always fun to have a play with techniques that change the entire feel of an image, in this case intentional camera movement. Hopefully its a new approach to this location that you wont have seen before.

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