Playing with the dual camera/lens LG G5…



A few weeks ago LG launched their new high end Android smartphone, the G5. Those who look through the specs will find it compares fairly well with the latest and greatest from the likes of Samsung and Apple… 4G, 5.3 inch IPS screen, Android 6 (Marshmallow), four cores, 32GB of Storage, 4GB ram, SD card slot,  wireless-ac, NFC, USB 3 type C, fast charging, metal body, always on screen and so on… but the G5 is a bit more than that.


Firstly it has a detachable bottom segment which can be replaced by various accessories, such as a DAC/AMP for audio enthusiasts or the Cam Plus module for those with a bit of a photography slant (and want to benefit from some extra battery). My Cam Plus is due for delivery soon and I’ll be doing a full write up on the photography side of the handset once I’ve had a decent play but I thought it was worth having a quick preview of the other key feature today.

That feature is two back mounted lenses, rather than the standard single lens. The first is a normal 16mp smartphone lens (f1.8). The second is an ultra wide 8mp, f2.4 lens with 135degree field of view. Add to this that LG offer a full manual mode for settings, 3 axis OIS and the ability to save in RAW plus JPEG and we have a rather interesting handset. There are still a few quirks though, such as lack of decent support for the RAWs in Lightroom (at least at the time of writing it adds random colour noise in the shadows) but it has been an interesting first couple of weeks worth of playing.

Below you will find some of the straight out of handset JPEGs as I went about my day looking for some demanding dynamic range, lighting, etc. Examples of the field of view really…

My initial impressions are that having that second lens opens up some extra creativity and allows you to think differently about composition. Its a lot of fun. Both lenses seem decent, though the wide has a bit of distortion and probably leans towards harsh flare rather than artistic but its early days. Lets see where the Cam Plus takes the user experience, as well as finding a decent editing program to use while waiting for Adobe. Stay tuned.

Standard (16mp, f1.8 Lens):


Wide (8mp, f2.4 135 degree fov):


Standard (16mp, f1.8 Lens):


Wide (8mp, f2.4 135 degree fov):


Standard (16mp, f1.8 Lens):


Wide (8mp, f2.4 135 degree fov):


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