Sleepy San Francisco


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Back in September I was in San Francisco for a long weekend, partly to meet up with some friends from the great photography education initiative that is The Arcanum and partly for the final photowalk in Trey Ratcliff’s epic journey across America. On my first night, after a long days worth of travel from the UK, followed by a party and then a visit to a bar I ended up back in my hotel room.

I knew from the 5 minutes I had spent in it earlier that day while dropping off my bags that the view was pretty cool so I opened the curtains to find this scene. Having set up my tripod I decided some long exposures with my Sony A7 were the way to go, set up three to go off one after the other and went to relax on the bed. Click went the first shutter, click went the second… BEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP went my 8.30am alarm.

Its amazing a shot can turn out so well when you take it while asleep…