Finding Something Different

Travelling around as a landscape photographer it is pretty easy to find locations which offer an obvious image to capture. Occasionally you might find a place with a couple of options but it is quite rare to find a location where every way you turn there is something awesome to capture. The centre of Stirling […]

Dunnottar Castle Between The Storms

What’s that you say? It’s been well over a month since I last posted? Oops! Shhh, if you’re quiet maybe no-one will notice and i’ll make a post about Dunnottar Castle like nothing has happened. I think we can get away with it… What have I been up to recently? Got sick, got well, did Christmas, […]

Watt’s This Place?

Just to the side of this building, a hop, skip and jump across a foot bridge, is the location of Antonine’s Wall. One of two that stretch across the UK, used by the Romans to keep us Scottish people at arms length (around 140 AD). That makes this one of those interesting spots where important […]

Beware, Dragons…

About a month ago I jumped on a train into the centre of Edinburgh and went for a wander. Why then? It was the start of the world’s largest festival of the arts… well, it’s really several festivals but they all sit under one banner and add together. There’s film, theatre, music, dance, opera, hand drawn […]