Dunnottar Castle Between The Storms

What’s that you say? It’s been well over a month since I last posted? Oops! Shhh,┬áif you’re quiet maybe no-one will notice and i’ll make a post about Dunnottar Castle like nothing has happened. I think we can get away with it… What have I been up to recently? Got sick, got well, did Christmas, […]

I don’t selfie often, but when I do…

The image above is quite simple but it took much longer than I expected to execute. Essentially it’s me, on top of a hill in Stirling, taking a selfie… however the photographer in me wanted to push it that little bit further. Sunset, in fact the right type of sunset, winter so the tree’s were […]

Racing Against Time

The image above is all about taking chances… Over time I have learned that many of the best images come into being because I take chances…and some of the worst photography regrets occur because of not making an effort. More on that another day. In this particular case I was up north (in Scotland) and […]