Looking For Something Different

This is one of the most photographed mountains in Scotland and so it’s always a challenge to find a way of making it a little different to the thousands of other images out there. Most go for the inclusion of the fairly large burn and cool tree which is way over to the left of […]

Things Take Time

Back in November/December I took two trips to Skye for photography purposes. Near the end of trip 2, as I was chasing sunset at a particular location, I looked back the way I had come (towards Uig) from and saw what I thought was a decent view. I pulled over, set up quickly, capturedĀ a set […]

Channeling Albert

A couple of months ago I watched a short documentary on ALBERT WATSON which made me stop and think about how I approach landscape photography. He is probably best known for his images which have featured on the cover of Vogue, Rolling Stone etc but this particular documentary was on a landscape project and how […]