Having a Play

Sometimes we can be too serious in our photography… take me for example. Last week I stood on a rock in the middle of a forest for over an hour. I guess it was determination to get the shot I wanted in camera, rather than create it in post. Looking back though, it was a […]

Deep Fried Mars Bars?

Back in August when I was walking round The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh I took some time to get in touch with my inner Thomas Hawk and grabbed some shots of interesting signs. (If you dont follow Thomas Hawk you should… a constant stream of interesting images from his travels around America.). This particular sign […]

Beware, Dragons…

About a month ago┬áI jumped on a train into the centre of Edinburgh and went for a wander. Why then? It was the start of the world’s largest festival of the arts… well, it’s really several festivals but they all sit under one banner and add together. There’s film, theatre, music, dance, opera, hand drawn […]