Leica Summar 5cm/f2 (1937 – 50mm) Lens Experience

Over the past few months I’ve been having a lot of fun with older lenses. Using them on the Sony A7 range is a breeze thanks to focus peaking and one of my favourites has been the Ernst Leitz Wetzlar (Leica) Summar, a 5cm (50mm) F2 lens built on the L39 screw mount. So I […]

Looking For Something Different

This is one of the most photographed mountains in Scotland and so it’s always a challenge to find a way of making it a little different to the thousands of other images out there. Most go for the inclusion of the fairly large burn and cool tree which is way over to the left of […]

Crazy Sun Fun

Had a little day off on back in February¬†and spent it in London with the awesome¬†Trey Ratcliff . Much hilarity was had, many security guards were annoyed (moved on from City Hall where they have some allergic reaction to quadcopters… check, thrown out of two restaurants and a bar, check… probably never welcome back in […]