Coins Not Accepted Here…

After a few busy days on holiday I decided to give my wife some peace, quiet, rest and relaxation by taking the kids out on a drive to explore for a while. We ended up at the beach having fun in the sun but before that the weather was much more “moody”… or cold and […]

Racing Against Time

The image above is all about taking chances… Over time I have learned that many of the best images come into being because I take chances…and some of the worst photography regrets occur because of not making an effort. More on that another day. In this particular case I was up north (in Scotland) and […]

Crazy Sun Fun

Had a little day off on back in February¬†and spent it in London with the awesome¬†Trey Ratcliff . Much hilarity was had, many security guards were annoyed (moved on from City Hall where they have some allergic reaction to quadcopters… check, thrown out of two restaurants and a bar, check… probably never welcome back in […]